Prelude to the Internet Marketing Journey: What Led Me Here?

As a beginner, you might be asking what brought me to this journey into Internet Marketing.

Ok, here’s some information about my motivation for entering the world of internet marketing. I have to say that I am not doing this out of desperation or to make a fast, easy buck.  Nor am I willing to compromise my integrity and moral ethics by trying to sell you the proverbial snake oil.

I’ve spent many years in the corporate world mainly in middle-management working in the trenches with the front-line workers.  During those periods I experienced a few major career changes.

My first job was in the private sector community health care arena.  Major upheavals resulting from mergers meant more work with fewer workers to cover the expanded hours.  This job was not really the 9-to-5 type to begin with so when the hours were expanded, it meant seeing my family less and less.  That included working weekends and sharing the holiday work load.

After that, I took on an entry level position at a financial institution.  The work conditions were better because they kept stable hours and planning around the shifts was easy.  I really enjoyed my time there and eventually worked my way up to a senior taxation consultant position.  The pay wasn’t bad but it wasn’t enough to cover all my expenses so I maintained a part-time position in the private sector health care area to make ends meet.

This financial company also experienced some changes due to mergers and acquisitions but I escaped relatively unscathed.  However, after a few years in the same position, I started getting bored and realized there were no opportunities in terms of upward mobility or lateral movement.  Opportunities would have to come from outside the company.

A fortunate coincidence occurred relatively shortly afterwards when I bumped into a former colleague from the health care sector just outside my workplace after leaving late.  She had moved on to work for a company that set up and performed clinical drug trials.  Her research company was looking for a manager for her department and she suggested that I apply for the position.

My first reaction was that I wasn’t too keen on returning to the health care sector full-time. But this was mainly a research position with managerial responsibilities so it didn’t take a lot of convincing for me to decide.

Things were going well for a few years but then the research company was acquired by another bigger company.  My position was made redundant and I, along with all the upper management staff were let go.

This was the last straw.  Having been disappointed by the corporate world for most of my adult career, I decided it was time to take my fate into my own hands.  It was always something that I wanted to do but didn’t have the courage.  There was some security in having a stable paycheck before but now, I was over-qualified for many positions and the ones that I am qualified to do are taken up by younger people for less pay.

Rather than start all over again at the bottom, I have given myself some time to work things out to succeed with internet marketing.

You are welcome to follow me on this journey exploring new paths in an industry that is growing bigger every year.  If I can make it at this late stage in life, then you can too.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or have any comments that you would like to share, I would love to read them.

3 thoughts on “Prelude to the Internet Marketing Journey: What Led Me Here?

  1. Frank what an inspiring journey. One door shuts, another opens. And as you have alluded to, you have to make it happen. I am sure your journey will be one of success. Whether you ever return to the corporate world or remain independent, your ambition and drive is laudable. Keep us posted with your progress.

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