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Make Image Links Open Up in New Window in WordPress

Adding external links to your images in WordPress is easy. When the image is clicked on, the user is taken to the link.  You have two choices in how the user is taken to the link.  The link can either open up in the same window, thus taking the user away from the site or it can be opened up in a new window.  If using the latter technique, the window for the original site is kept open.

When you should have your image link open up in the same window or a different window is up for debate and not the subject of this particular blog. In this blog, I will demonstrate how you can set up your WordPress image to open up a new window for an attached link. read more

How To Stop Wasting Time On Non-Productive Activities: A Proven Method Of Success

As someone who has decided to work from home, time management becomes problematic; it is very important to maintain discipline and remain productive.  Without a boss or time clock to keep you in check, it is very easy to get side-tracked and distracted.  This is especially true if working on the computer and having easy access to the internet.

I’ve done it myself many times.  You think it will only take a few minutes to check your emails or your favorite news blog.  Before you know it, a half hour or even a whole hour is gone forever.  That is time that you will never get back and the work gets pushed ahead.  Slowly the amount of work becomes a mountain ready to smother you at any moment. read more