Welcome To My Journey In The World Of Self Publishing

When I first started considering Internet Marketing as a viable career option, I was vastly naive.

A lot of hours and money was spent reading books that I either purchased or borrowed from the library.  There is a lot of information and many ways to make money from the internet.  Being a complete newbie, I found it difficult to find the gold in the mountain of unsifted dirt.

Without doing the proper niche research, my first serious foray into internet marketing started when I found a brand new turnkey website on sale from eBay.  It dealt with selling home security items on Amazon.  I thought, “Great, I just need to load this onto a domain with hosting and start making money right away.”

I was dead wrong.  And so, I realized how far down the learning curve I was.  This journey has not even begun.

Follow me as I make my way through the traps and pitfalls.  Hopefully, some of the information in these posts will help you from making the same mistakes I made.